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TC Industries, Crystal Lake, IL

IT Programmer/Technician:

Supported senior management with the creation of data queries and SQL based forecasting. Held administrative, network security, identity management, network administration, and software support. Created, users, groups and permissions using Active Directory. Created mobile and web applications using Java Script Framework, HTML, and CSS.

Project Manager:

Worked with small and large manufacturing clients during the implementation of Plex ERP. Identify risks and systemic problems during full-life cycle projects, lead ERP teams and optimize training and Vision Plex screen design. Communicate complex technical information with senior project stakeholders and closely monitor data quality and integrity during transfer from legacy to ERP systems. Constantly engage stakeholders and support project implementation operations

Furnace Data Extraction Extended web services to accommodate a new furnace to add jobs and furnace load recipes from Plex. Created an SQL Server database on a central server to store recipes. Created specification for a unique part and used data analytics to add part specifications to over four thousand part operations.

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II Stanley, Battle Creek, MI

ERP Implementation:

Spearheaded implementation of an automated assembly machine designed to produce labels using ERP data. Created Plex modules and workflows using end-user feedback and created third-party ready data which was sent to a central cost accounting system (SAP). Clients recognized the immediate process improvement resulting from moving to a cloud system, including reduced spend on server leases. Senior management recognized the customer experience feedback and assigned all future migrations to our direct oversight.

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